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What does “HTML” actually stand for?

The internet is written in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). As part and driving force of this space, we are the hypertexters:

A group of creative people coming from different domains, who exchange ideas for digital innovation in shifting formations, developing ideas or concepts and making projects a reality.

We realise our ideas in different constellations, depending on the occasion and the type of initiative we are working on. In the past, online experts from Germany, Spain, Malta, Uruguay and the USA have worked on hypertexters projects.

Sailors at heart

Our logo is inspired by the roof architecture of the former sailcloth factory “Can Xala” in El Masnou/Barcelona (Spain), one of the first factories with steam engine in Catalonia. The distinctive shed roof design is reminiscent of lined-up numbers “1”, while clouds of exhaust gas from the chimney, often drawn as round bubbles, stand for the numbers “0”.

Can Xala, copyright by Ajuntament del Masnou, Arxiu Municipal
Can Xala, copyright by Ajuntament del Masnou, Arxiu Municipal

Can Xala produced sails for the economic drivers of the last century. We live with the intention and confidence that the data we produce will contribute in the same way to today’s and tomorrow’s society as a sail and impulse towards our digital future.

In light of this, we are certainly not the first or only ones to use this correlation for our “data factory”, but we tell the best story about it!

hypertexting the net since 1998