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A selection of former, current and future projects.


keeyper.com (stealth mode)

keeyper.com will be a digital inventory of all the activities and transactions that the user performs and that will be passed on to their descendants when the contracting party dies or is incapacitated. The platform offers various services to the contracting party, pre- and post-death, such as the management and optimization of contracts and insurance or the deletion of accounts and digital content after death. It also includes assistance and services for family members, such as legal and tax advice, funeral services or instructions and procedures to be carried out after death. The platform is mainly aimed at family representatives, who take responsibility and take care of the relevant arrangements for their loved ones. Being responsible and foresighted people, they want to have their legal and financial affairs in order during their lifetime and to facilitate post-death arrangements for their relatives. It therefore represents also an interesting customer acquisition and loyalty tool for insurance companies in the life insurance sector.



The MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) portal edulinia.com, allowed verified teachers and tutors in Latin America to create online courses, which could be studied 100% online with comprehension tests at the end of each in chapters and a final exam including a success certification. All offered at a modest price and with the intention of providing access to training across budgetary or geographic boundaries.



Website dedicated to free resources on the Internet, aimed to test indexing and renumbering tactics for advertising. Over 10,000 categories and subcategories, all optimized for indexing, providing helpful tips and resources and allowing users to contribute to them, resulting in a steady and self-sustaining increase of indexable content.



A website where users could plan, organize, disseminate and evaluate any kind of festive social activity. The service provided users with free tools and utilities to help them organize these events, featuring also a selection of templates and layouts for each type of event. Users could management their guests, dates or contributions  through the platform, receiving advice on how to organize the event, depending on the topic and size of the event and to select the right services to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone. For this purpose, the portal provided the services of companies specialized in parties and events such as a caterer, a magician, mariachis, decorations, DJs, depending on the type and size of the event to be held.



A non-profit initiative dating-website for the Spanish and Latin American market, offering private contacts with a very high level of quality and privacy. Unlike the popular dating services at the time, tienesfuego (“do you have fire?”) was based on a swarm management and validation principle, detecting scammers and ensuring the veracity of self-presentations. The goal was to provide enrolled users with uncompromising quality and certainty about their dates beyond revenue optimization aspects.



Originally started as a fun project, lottoloser.de quickly developed into a social gaming initiative with a loyal and growing fan base. The core idea, 5 years before Facebook, was to bring people together in an advertising-financed betting community to play the lottery for free and share any winnings with each other.

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